The Art of Ambience

A couple called in the other day to view the space as a potential venue for their wedding reception. They were blown away. “Wow, we want to live here” they said. (we get this a lot). “This place is magical; it exceeds everything we were expecting, but…”

I sucked my breath in; ‘BUT” is not my favorite word. It turns out, they were concerned that the ethereal nature of the surrounds, bathed in warm, natural light would be lost once the sun goes down. I sort of get it; the daytime ambience does take a hold on you.

How do I describe an atmosphere that transforms from warm hug to that of a lovers embrace? Is that too abstract? Corny perhaps? We are everything bar corny. Entangled is grounded, authentic and totally, absolutely mesmerising.

I think I am best letting the pictures do the talking. This night is all about Food + Romance, and everything in-between. . . a sumptuous menu, alluring presentation, sensuous music and a seductive kind of ambiance.

Here we are dear ones. This is your “but” abated.

Thank you Liz Wilson Photography for these stunning images

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