the story

“Entangled” began in 2016 as “living art”. Drawing on our passion and strengths as artists and makers, and dedicated to original hand craftsmanship, entangled began as an eco-friendly artisanal conceptual design store. This, the first chapter of the Entangled story has formed the basis for the aesthetics, sustainable ethos and vibe of the business still today.

The guiding theme of Entangled,`Feel at Home´, is about creating a complete feeling of well-being through mindful appreciation. The result is a creative feast for the senses at every turn; elements to produce extraordinary and inspiring spaces to roam, dine and celebrate.

Our undertaking is simple; to blend and integrate environmental consciousness, creativity and individuality into all that we are. Together we have imagined, created and established a brand that helps to showcase the beauty of individualism and nature, of juxtaposed points of interest and bespoke artistic expressionism – whether that be in the dishes we create, the gardens we tend or the styling of an event.