Entangled Development Application

We are presently in the public opinion stage of a Development Application with Moreton Bay Regional Council. The only changes we seek is to extend hours until 10pm (and to change the specific use to Restaurant, ie. not have Llama!)
Our Development Application is for a RESTAURANT with operating hours of 9am – 10pm. The request to operate into the evening is to ensure the sustainability and success of the business going forward. Approval for seven days (as it is now) will allow the flexibility to operate at any day (not all days) that may be specifically warranted. We have no intentions of operating seven days a week and have no desire to be serving patrons late into the night. 
The style of Restaurant centres around a boutique and exclusive dining experience indoors and on the veranda of the restaurant. Numbers will remain limited to 30 patrons to allow for exclusive and personalised service. Typical Restaurant hours will be Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Fridays and Saturdays with Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday. As is the case of most restaurants, we are keen to promote the opportunity for small groups to book the restaurant exclusively. Clearly, in terms of impact to our neighbours, there is no difference between a group of friends, or strangers.
Plans are to also offer a full day package for groups of 30 to 60 patrons. These infrequent gatherings will help supplement the Fri – Sun restaurant income stream. Conditions will strictly fall within the impact assessable rules of the establishment. This may include Corporate Groups, Weddings, Birthday Parties or Artists Retreats for example. Groups will always be limited to 60 guests and under the impact assessable guidelines.

Despite the Restaurant falling within the guidelines of the MBRC definition of a restaurant, the council have advised that we should also apply to be a “Function Facility”. We have grave concerns that this is confusing, so strongly suggest if you are at all concerned to thoroughly read the files available to the public on the MBRC DA tracker page of their website. In particular, the “change to development application” document by our Town Planner, dated July 17, 2023. Here it is explained that there is no difference in the impacts associated with the proposal despite introducing the Function Facility to the proposal. Please also read the actual Development Application (J00149) submitted to council on Dec 19.
We are continually learning and adapting plans to minimise any disruption to our neighbours. Large busses for example will now not be permitted onto the property. Since the entrance to the property is on David Close (There is council & state ruling that there is to be no entrance to the property from Mt Mee Road), large buss access is not feasible.
We are happy to discuss and work with our community to establish fair and equitable solutions for all. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out by contacting us via email. 
Thank you,
David & Nola Atkins